Mélange n. (m -lä zh )- A mixture; a medley.

What we offer our talent?

We assist established and new talent in marketing themselves in the corporate world. We are match makers. Melanzh merges the entertainment world and business world to make a union that benefits all parties. We go beyond the traditional talent agency’s realm; we seek to make our talent a brand. We mold and image our clientto achieve their fullest potential.

Why choose Melanzh?

With advancements in technology, communications and the Internet, we are truly becoming a global economy. Considering cultural differences when building a brand is more important than ever, particularly if your business has international reach.

The B2B and B2C marketing facet of Melanzh excels in developing a vertical business model for procurement, activation and execution of a promotion or marketing campaign utilizing a celebrity, agency, athletes, etc. It is common knowledge that the business trend in the consumer marketplace has shifted towards name and face recognition. However, your brand may also need to penetrate a new market or arena for advancement and growth.

This is the Melanzh Model:

Identification, Diversification, and Execution. Melanzh identifies your target market sector and nurtures the needs of the consumer in a creative, exciting way thus creating loyal brand consumers. A strong brand integrates multiple components, all of them necessary, including customer interactions, employee communications, corporate philosophy and advertising/marketing efforts.

This is the Melanzh Experience allow your company to diversify! Defy cultural, corporate, and social boundaries. Dare to Expand!

About Us

Founder Amina Diop, comes from an International Business and Global Marketing Background. In hopes to diversify her brand she affiliated herself with top business professionals in a variety markets in hopes of building a diversified boutique entertainment firm. Through hard work, a great staff, and strategic alliances MelanzhEnterprises was born in 2001.